Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian United Call for BDS against Israel

Boycott from within for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) for Palestinian rights.
We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian United Call for BDS against Israel1 and call on others to do the same.
As people devoted to the promotion of just peace and true democracy in this region, we are especially opposed to the international community's decision to punish the Palestinians in the occupied territories and withhold funds from them, after they exercised their democratic right to elect the government of their choice. At the same time, the international community continues, through economic investments in Israel, involving governments and international corporations, to actively support Israel's daily violations of international law and accelerated colonization of the occupied territories.
We fear the potentially irreversible damage created by Israeli and international policy, and realize that the occupation will truly end only when its cost becomes higher that its gain for Israeli society, primarily for the Israeli elites. In light of attacks on boycott supporters, we emphasize that a critical stance against the occupation, including explicit BDS actions taken by individuals and organizations, are not Anti-Semitic. On the contrary, only resistance of this kind as part of the struggle for peace based on justice and equality will enable a common future for Arabs and Jews in the region. We stand against all forms of racism and oppression and support and encourage BDS actions as a legitimate political activity and necessary form of non-violent resistance.
We endorse the Palestinian call as it is,
We will act inside Israel and outside of it to promote awareness and support for BDS.